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Meetings scheduled at the Indian Hills Inn and White Buffalo Restaurant will be in out dining room. Our dining room was remodeled in 2007 to better accomodate groups. It is now two seperate rooms, which together can seat 90 people. When the room is divided by closing our folding wall, the rooms will seat 60 and 30 respectfully. Our lounge is also available for daytime meetings and its seating capacity is 45.

All tables are set with pitchers of ice water and glasses. Coffee service on these tables is also available.The room is non-smoking. Smoking areas are available outside or in the lounge. Our lighting is also designed to allow groups to have plenty of light on their work tables, yet the screen and projection area can be dim, providing for good screen visibility. Telephone service and internet access is available in the room also. Groups can start the morning with coffee, orange juice and cinnamon rolls.


Lunch plans for meetings at the White Buffalo include our Soup and Salad bar, our hot food buffet, house beverage and dessert. House beverages include brewed ice tea, Farmer Brothers coffee, lemonade and Pepsi products.salad bar


(choose two)

Salisbury Steak

Lasagna, homemade with garlic toast.

Homenade Tenderloins

Stuffed pork loin, with mashed and gravy.

Brautwurst & Sauerkraut

Meatloaf with mashed and gravy.

Broasted chicken with mashed potatos and chicken gravy.

All our luncheon buffets during the week include a choice of two entrees, mashed potatos and either pepper white or beef gravy. A vegetable selected by you will be server also.

For dessert we offer our ice cream desser bar with the assorted toppings. Brownies for your group are also available.

* Desserts: Groups under 20 - 1 dessert
Groups 20-40 - 2 desserts
over 40 - 3 dessertss

At 3:00 to 3:30, we offer our afternoon break service. This includes iced cans of assorted sodas, and trays of delicious homemade cookies. This is an ideal way to keep your people refreshed for the afternoon.

As with all meetings and functions at the Indian Hills Inn, special room packages are available for overnight accommodations. Dinner packages are available with the White Buffalo, and can range from a casual cook-out on the patio, to a more formal sit down meal.


PACKAGE A - $11.95 pp.*

Morning coffee and orange juice, mini-cinnamon rolls.

Full luncheon with Soup & Salad Bar, Entrée and dessert.

Afternoon sodas and snack break.

PACKAGE B - $9.95*

Morning coffee and orange juice, mini-cinnamon rolls.

Full luncheon with Soup & Salad Bar, Entrée and dessert.

PACKAGE C - $8.50*

Full luncheon with Soup and Salad Bar, entrée and dessert.

*Sales tax and 15% gratuity added to all charges.

* Prices do not include local sales tax of 7% or 15% service person gratuity.


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To make a reservation or request more information, please call us at 1-800-RATHBUN or e-mail reservations@indianhillsinn.com.

100 Hwy 34 E, Albia Iowa 52531

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