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White Buffalo Restaurant

Buffet Menu Selection Guide


Thank you for choosing the Indian Hills Inn and White Buffalo for your special event.  All buffets are served in our dining room, with a seating capacity of 60 in the North Room, 30 in the South Room, or 95 combined into one room.   All areas in our dining room are non-smoking.  Our lounge located next door is available for those who choose to smoke.  If you believe your group will be fewer than 20 meals, we suggest a plated meal, or otherwise allowing your guests to order off the menu.  I will be glad to help you with a plated meal option, or to explain our menu options.

After seating, your server(s) will take drink orders, and then invite your group to enjoy all our soup & salad bar has to offer. Bread rolls are set out with salad course. After completing your salad course, we will pick up your plates, and you will be invited to go through the hot buffet line.  The carving station is set up with the meats for your enjoyment, and seconds are always recommended. Your servers will collect all plates, and then your chosen dessert(s) will be served to the table. Beverages will be refilled, and the coffeepots will always be full.

         Alcoholic beverage service from our lounge is available with your meal. Depending on your group’s preference, charges can be included in total bill, or handled individually by your server.  Your group could also gather before or after your meal in our lounge.

Buffet Choices

Meat entries – carved Meat, non-carved
Whole Roast Beef Broasted Chicken
Barron of Beef (75 people Min.) Stuffed Chicken Breast
Whole Turkey Lasagna
Bone-in-ham  Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast
Seasoned Pork Loin Pollock Filets over Rice

Potato (Choose 1)  Vegetable (Choose 2)
Baked, served in foil Green Bean with Onion & Bacon
Mashed with Brown gravy Whole Kernel Corn
or Pepper Gravy Broccoli & Cauliflower Steamed
Parsley Buttered Whole Baby Green Bean Casserole 
Augratin Escalloped Corn 
Escalloped Broccoli & Cheese

Desserts  choose one, for groups over 20 choose two
2-3 layer Cakes  Single layer Cakes Pies
Carrot Cake  Chocolate Supreme  Strawberry
Strawberry Crème cheese Banana Cake Peanut Butter
Butterfinger Angel food Cherry Dream Cake Coconut Cream
Angel food –regular Apple Spice Cake  Classic Pecan
Peaches & Cream Glazed Lemon  Classic Custard
Classic French Vanilla Pineapple upside down Assorted Fruit
Black Forest
German Chocolate
Chocolate Pecan  Cheesecakes Hot Desserts
Caramel Pecan Homemade Apple Dumplings
Mint Chocolate Apple or Cherry Crisp
Chocolate (soft served ice cream available)

Buffet Meal Pricing

All meals include all house beverages, coffee, tea, soda, or lemonade. Freshly baked rolls are set at the table with margarine.

We ask for a confirmed count seven days in advance.

All meal charges will have a 7% sales tax and a 18% gratuity added for the servers.


One meat choice: $14.95. Two meat choice: $15.95. Three meat choice: $16.95




Contact Us

To make a reservation or request more information, please call us at 1-800-RATHBUN or e-mail reservations@indianhillsinn.com.

100 Hwy 34 E, Albia Iowa 52531

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