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Albia and Monroe County's finest choice for upscale lodging. The Indian Hills Inn is a full service property, offering rooms with both drive to the door convenience, or with the security guest want with spacious inside hallways. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from gathering with the family around our indoor pool to relaxing in the White Buffalo lounge with pizza. All of our rooms are modern, tasteful and impeccably clean. The Indian Hills Inn also boasts wonderful dining at its own in house restaurant, The White Buffalo. It features hand cut steaks, the finest ribeyes, sirloins and prime rib, and a full line of specialty sandwiches. Our 40 choices Soup and Salad Bar features all your salad making favorites, plus homemade salads famous to the Buffalo. The White Buffalo also serves full hot breakfast daily and on weekends we also offer a full hot breakfast buffet, famous to southern Iowa. Lunch service is available daily and on Sunday we serve a Sunday luncheon buffet that is second to none. Carving two delicious fresh meats, a dozen hot entrees, our 40 choice salad bar and 5 fresh deserts to choose from. All homemade of course! Artwork is our passion and as you explore through the Inn you will discover our collection and appreciate it. We have 2 Remington bronzes; "The Buffalo Hunter" which greets you at the entrance to the restaurant and "The Buffalo Signal": which will inspire you at the registration desk. Throughout the hallways you will enjoy over 60 framed prints by Frederick Remington, Charles Russell and Edgar Paxson. These prints depict live in the west at the turn of the century. In our dining room you will discover two more artists: Charles Vaan, Native American Cherokee artist, whose work is fantastic. You will also discover the works of Boris Cybis, a Polish artist who's work was commissioned by President Truman in the late 1940's as a study of the American Indians. In his work you will see a great resemblance to the faces of the Chinese, as related to the native American people. In the White Buffalo lounge, you will discover the limited edition porcelains of Boris Cybis. These pieces are beautiful and depict the hardship of life on the plains for our native Americans so many years ago. Our signature porcelain - The White Buffalo - is here. It was created by Cybis near the end of his life to celebrate America's Bicentennial in 1976.


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To make a reservation or request more information, please call us at 1-800-RATHBUN or e-mail reservations@indianhillsinn.com.

100 Hwy 34 E, Albia Iowa 52531

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